The Fight of Your Life

A course exploring how God's love for us can help us to overcome pornography addiction.

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The Fight of Your Life

What you'll learn on this course

  • 1
    The Fight of Your Life
    • Porn
    • God's Will Be Done
    • This is War
    • Who is Driving
    • Why
    • Discipline & Encounter
    • Fight Together
    • The Fight of Your Life - Bonus Session

Your Course Leader

  • Graeme Morris

    Graeme Morris

    Graeme Morris is an itinerant speaker, small group leader and personal coach in the area of wholehearted sexuality. His ministry, helps pastors, leaders, and men get free from dysfunctional sexuality including pornography, and empowers couples to experience wholeheartedly connection through sex. An overcomer of sexual abuse and pornography addiction, Graeme emphasizes the power God has given us to overcome adversity and how we can find meaning by taking personal responsibility for our lives. In addition, after attending BSSM, He and his wife have planted supernatural schools around the world, empowering local leaders and congregants to personally encounter God, be transformed by His goodness, and engage in supernatural ministry in their cities and communities.